Video Montages

The Creative Music DJ offers all of my clients the ability to display a special video montage at their event.

My service allows you to provide me with up to 100 pictures and a list of background songs, and let my Creative mind interweave them into an amazing video montage which I’ll proudly display at your event using my high-powered projector.

Whether outdoors…
San Diego Botanic Gardens - montage setup

Or indoors!

Sheraton Harbor Island- Montage Setup

Professional and Classy Montages

I have worked for years on techniques to develop classy, unique montages. This isn’t your average powerpoint presentation, this is your wedding video montage and it needs to have an element of class and style. In other words, it needs to look like it belongs in your wedding! Here’s some examples of how your montage can help create more memories for your special day.

The Storybook

Have you ever seen a video projected where the whites just weren’t white, or the colors were ‘washed’ a bit? Most projectors seen around the corporate workplace are designed to be used in a dark setting, therefore their bulbs are built to deliver only 1500 -2000 ‘lumens’, which is fine as long as the room is dark. However, in a typical DJ-included event, most video montages are shown with the lights rather bright if not at 100%. The Creative Music DJ knows that you need that video to look great, and therefore I use only 3500+ lumens projectors to present your custom-made video montage in stunning vibrant color for you and your guests complete enjoyment! Don’t trust the video montage part of your event to a friend or colleague, let a professional do what he does best… deliver high-quality products to make your events even better than you envisioned them.

Floating Slides

I’ll also provide you with a copy of the completed montage after the event on DVD, and with your permission we’ll even give you and your guests the opportunity to order additional copies for a very reasonable price!
Montage DVD
My montages contain eye-catching effects that you just can’t get from Powerpoint, or even most third-party video projection creation software. But don’t just take my word for it. Watch the example below of an actual group of guests responding to a wonderful wedding montage at Tom Ham’s Lighthouse!