Monogram Lighting

I have extensive experience designing and displaying custom monograms. Like other entertainment companies, I can offer you templates to choose your monogram from, but I can also take it one step further. Having a degree in Computer Science, I also have professional experience with custom monogram creation from scratch. Your monogram can be as unique as you’d like it to be, just give me an idea or find an example of something similar on the Internet, and I’ll create your monogram to your exact specifications using professional software-based development techniques!

Dance Floor Monogram

This is my current offering, using some cutting-edge technology that I believe to be unmatched by other vendors, but I let my clients form their own decisions about the quality. Click on the photo to see it in much higher detail!

LaHabraWeddingDJ copy

Here’s one from a wedding in Coronado.

wedding monogram But that’s not all. I don’t have “Creative” in my name for nothing! Here’s some non-standard ways I’ve displayed monograms at events. Here’s one displayed behind the bridal party table at the Admiral Baker Clubhouse.

Wall Monogram

Admiral Baker

Here’s one displayed on the wall of the dance floor at The Ultimate Skybox in downtown San Diego. This arrangement is especially great for first dance and parent dance photos.

Wall Monogram

And this one is my new favorite. I call it the “Cake monogram”. It looks amazing and is sure to be a hit. This one was at the Bali Hai.

Cake Monogram

cake monogram
This is a monogram that was created for a Disneyland Hotel Wedding I was the DJ for. Unfortunately, the hotel actually projected it and their projector seemed to lack brightness compared to my own equipment.

Disneyland Wedding DJ

Do you have a custom idea for monogram design or location? I can make it a reality. Click over to my Contact Us page to find out more!