Event Uplighting

The Creative Music DJ offers all of my clients the ability to enhance their venues with the use of uplighting, or the practice of using light reflected off of surfaces to create differences in ambience.

I keep an inventory of different types and sizes of lights to ensure that I can provide just the right uplighting for your event. Uplighting can almost always enhance an celebration, especially if it complements a carefully planned decor scheme.

My creative lighting productions are top-notch using state-of-the-art lighting equipment, and as a result they end up featured in magazines such as Exquisite Weddings Magazine (Click for larger view).

Single Color Uplighting

Here’s an example at a Orange County Wedding for which I was the DJ. Click the photo to really see the detail.

TheGardenRoomLaHabraWeddingDJ copy

And another at Scripps Seaside Forum.

Palm Tree Uplighting

It works well on both sides of a sweetheart table. For this example my clients chose amber uplighting. This was for a Estancia Hotel Wedding at Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa.


Here’s an example of uplighting, monogram, and underlighting to create an incredible atmosphere.

paradise gardens purple uplighting

It can help accent a secondary color (in this case, Tiffany Blue at a Crowne Plaza Wedding)

Crowne Plaza Weddings - Tiffany Blue Uplighting

Pillar Uplighting

Here’s some pillar uplighting at an Admiral Kidd Club Wedding.

Admiral Kidd Club Weddings - Fuschia Uplighting Pillars

Staggered Uplighting

At Hilton Torrey Pines I put uplighting over drapes to create a very cool ambiance.

Hilton Torrey Pines Wedding DJ uplighting
And again at Levyland Estates.


At Hotel Del Coronado I used staggered colors on walls and beams to create an elegant effect that complemented the decor

Several PAR cans used for uplighting at Hotel Del Coronado

And on a different occasion, I did extensive uplighting in the same room for a holiday party. Here’s a panorama of that (click on the pic to see more detail).

Hotel Del Coronado Uplighting DJ - Crown Room

At Mt. Woodson Castle I used computerized lighting to demonstrate alternating purples and greens.

san diego wedding dj

And when it comes time for dancing, my state-of-the-art uplighting can even be programmed to change colors with the music, complementing the dance floor lighting!

DMX Uplighting

I have extensive knowledge of computer and lighting systems, to the point where Bridal Insider recently called me a “lighting expert”. As an example, here’s an event where I used DMX cabling to connect uplighting in alternate segments, then using computer controls I made the “light wall” come alive and react to the sounds of the music. For those that are looking into using my services, please note that the “Creative” is in my name for a reason! I’m always looking for the next thing to do to make a wedding or private event even more unique and exciting for my clients. I charge fair prices for the work, time, and knowledge involved, and the results are… well, take a look for yourself.

Whether or not you’re looking to have this level of unique lighting at your venue, you should trust that I can take your vision and make it a reality. Whether amber lighting to enhance a vintage theme, or sound-activated light walls, The Creative Music DJ will take your idea and possibly make it better than you thought it could be!

Underside Uplighting (Underlighting)

Instead of using exterior uplighting, try uplighting the underside of something covered in linens.
At Candelas On The Bay I used uplighting on the cake table as well as the head table and gift table… This photo has become so popular that it has been stolen by countless DJs from Virginia to Nevada and used as their own. I’m the original source, and can tell you information about it that they have no idea of since it wasn’t theirs!

Head table and gift table uplighting by The Creative Music DJ

Kid-safe LED Uplighting ONLY

All my lighting is state-of-the-art, non-heat producing lights. Here’s a photo to demonstrate the safety!

San Diego Firehouse Museum Weddings kid-safe LED uplighting

I have extensive training and experience with uplighting, so feel free to consult me so I can determine how I can enhance your chosen venues for you! I can even design a computerized lighting scheme in which my lights will alternate between two or more colors automatically, or possibly even change to the beat of the music!

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