Enhanced Dance Floor Lighting

I’m proud to be known in the San Diego industry as a wedding lighting expert, because I’ve worked countless hours to earn this title. I’ve learned the ins and outs of lighting as it pertains to photography (meaning I use lighting to help you get the best photos) and also know DMX programming (heck, I can even count pretty darn high in binary) so I can offer a ‘DMX-based’ lightshow if your budget allows for it. No matter what your budget is, I offer all of my clients the ability to improve the ambiance of their events with everything from basic lighting to several degrees of enhanced dance floor lighting.

I keep an inventory of different types and sizes of intelligent sound-active lights to ensure that I can provide that club-like feel for your event, regardless of whether it is a wedding, birthday, corporate party, etc. Many similar DJ companies offer some dance floor lighting, but few volunteer to put the research and effort into designing a quick-to-set-up yet impressive looking display.

Don’t let others tell you different– A great combination of skillfully selected dance floor lights can undoubtedly enhance the dance floor of your event!

Looking to enhance the atmosphere of your event? I’ve got what you need. Here’s some examples of my event uplighting services.

DMX Dance Floor Lightshow

In 2013 I took initiative to work on some ideas to create lightshows for clients that go beyond the norm, using DMX-controlled programming. Here’s an example of what can be done with DMX-control and a highly creative mind.

Dance Floor Lighting Effects

Using knowledge of lighting (correct lighting depending on the room layout), you can transform a simple room into a dance floor haven. Here’s an example of what can be done with a few effect lights and some creativity.

 Sound-active Uplighting Lightshow

Add some sound-sensitive color-changing uplights to make the room really come alive!

Starry Night Effect

I’ve taken the standard ‘Starry Night Effect’ that you see other DJs using and enhanced it by adding an additional light and then controlling what it does via computer.

Wedding Dance Floor Slow Dance Lightshow

I have extensive experience with dance floor lighting, so feel free to consult me so I can determine how my premium light shows can complement your event!