Any DJ that has an ounce of creativity in them can respect the workings of DJ AM. When it comes to creative mixing, he embraced it better than any other known club DJ. As a DJ that uses creative transitions and mix techniques on a continuous basis, I can tell you that each new DJ AM mix I got a hold of made me want to race to my decks to work more on my own routines, or attempt to figure out just how he did a certain part of his mix. Every DJ AM download was a kick-start to my already creative mind! Even as a San Diego Wedding DJ, I developed ideas that allowed me to rock the crowd in a way most other wedding DJs do not.

In tribute, I am offering up my entire DJ AM mix collection, so have fun while you download mixes. I do not believe I am violating any laws or copyrights because DJ AM gave these away freely on many forums and websites, and even came into the forums to discuss his dj mixes and chat with those that had downloaded them and enjoyed them. Man, could DJ AM get creative in the mix!

DJ AM – 2009 Mix
DJ AM – Banana Split 2 Year Anniv
DJ AM – Banana Split 6-15-08
DJ AM – Banana Split 11-02-08
DJ AM – Concorde1
DJ AM – Concorde2
DJ AM – Deckstar Mix
DJ AM – Do Over 06-08
DJ AM – Elton Part 1
DJ AM – Elton Part 2
DJ AM – Elton Part 3
DJ AM – Elton Part 4
DJ AM – Elton Part 5
DJ AM – Live at Banana Split 5-6-07
DJ AM – Live at Libation NYC 2002
DJ AM – Live From WMC 2008
DJ AM – Live on Power 106 12-29-05
DJ AM – Mystery Mix (part 1)
DJ AM – Mystery Mix (part 2)
DJ AM – Virtual LAX Mix 1
DJ AM – Virtual LAX Mix 2