Professional and Sophisticated

Having a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and Masters Degree in Business (MBA), I was in the corporate workplace for many years as an IT Director for national corporations. While in management of small to large scale groups, I was trained in everything from delegation of duties to building corporate morale through team-building activities. I know first-hand the importance of maintaining high employee morale. To help your corporation with this task my abilities include:

  • Executing team-building activities through enthusiastic emceeing complemented by the right music.
  • Extensive knowledge of many genres of music (check out my example genre mixes here), giving me the ability to provide music that will appeal to a large range of people, or a very specific demographic.
  • Ability to run events that staff members would rather not do themselves. For example, raffles, questionnaires, and group instruction.


I understand that when you hire a DJ for your corporate event, you want someone who has a service that is going to look good to those in attendance. From the appearance of the entertainer to the condition and quality of their equipment, you need it all to be top-notch. And yes, I’m always going to use turntables. I do not like to DJ without them!


USS Rushmore-DJ setup

Corporate Branding

Corporate branding is also an important part of a corporate event. From our consultations, I’ll find out what your company colors are, your corporate logo is, and any other things that may help me develop branding ideas to represent your company to the fullest and leave a positive lasting impression on attendees of your function. Here’s what I did for Acea’s corporate party using their corporate colors from their logo, and projecting their actual logo in high-definition onto the dance floor.

Rancho Bernardo Country Club

No matter how simple or complex your logo is, my extensive experience with design and presentation can make it a reality.


Whether or not you’re looking to have this level of unique lighting at your venue, you should trust that I can take your vision and make it a reality. Feel free to consult me so I can determine how I can help you represent your company though emceeing, branding, and great music!

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