Experience as a San Diego Wedding DJ and Master of Ceremonies (emcee) with musical knowledge, a great attitude and the desire to make every wedding magically unique has been the key to my ever-growing success. I have industry experience and knowledge which I use to create the perfect event. I know what works and what doesn’t, as well as what goes together well and what combinations of ideas may conflict. I put all of this together and the result is a reception that really gives you and your guests that “Wow!” factor. I’ll work with you step-by-step through my free and ongoing consultation. I’ll not only consult, I’ll also clarify and make sure that I understand your vision, to ensure that I incorporate your ideas into your unique reception!

I’m obsessed with quality. Quite simply, I want to be the best in the business. You’ll notice it in big ways, like the way I bring your guests to life and create a buzz and energy that is contagious. You’ll also notice it in little ways, like the way I find that song that puts a smile on your grandmother’s face, or causes the older guests to get on the dance floor despite their recent claim that they don’t dance! Or how about the way I practice constantly to maintain the turntablist skills necessary to pull off a LIVE first-dance mix? Here’s the video of one… see for yourself!

Speaking of dancing, here’s some sample mixes, giving you a feel for my style: San Diego DJ – Demo Mixes


Wondering what happens in a consultation with Dennis Jones, The Creative Music DJ? I believe it’s best explained by quoting one of my favorite reviews by a past client. This review can be found on Yelp, but has unfortunately been filtered due to Yelp’s sometimes faulty filtering system. Also, bear in mind that I highly suggest you get a wedding planner for your wedding. Although I can take care of your wedding ceremony and reception, a planner will coordinate all your vendors, and coordinate your entire day from the getting ready details to the limo bus that takes you to your afterparty.

Dennis DJ’d our wedding in June and I hate to use the word DJ because Dennis is much more than that. He is a master of ceremonies and Dennis is a true master of his profession. He is definitely not the friend’s friend you know who can MC your wedding for cheap and just runs through a playlist with barely a peep to get the crowd going.

From the start of our initial interview, I could tell right away that this was a person not only experienced with music but all the nuances involved with holding a wedding. He will run through each step of the ceremony from the bridal march to the entrance, reception, cake cutting etc. presenting several different options on what is the best type of music to play at each stage from current top 50 songs at weddings to listening to your requests and where to incorporate them on the big day. He’ll even let you know why a music request you have may not be the best to play at certain times or point out words in the lyrics that may make it a downer at weddings – songs about breakups and cheating are a no no apparently. He even provides input on what dance floor lighting to use that is best for pictures. Some couples go for the crazy, cool dazzle effects that just look terrible in pictures hiding the subjects. His lighting was brilliant and gorgeous but also not so intrusive that it obscured guests in pictures.

For a couple that did not have a wedding planner and did not have an initial clue how to hold the ceremony and reception, Dennis was invaluable in helping us envision, coordinate and manage the wedding day with the right vibe. He knew just the right time to play certain types of music, when to lay low and when to get the crowd going. I was genuinely surprised that many family and friends whom I consider fairly conservative and low key were regulars on the dance floor.

And talk about a hard worker. He is a one man crew that with less than a couple hours set up sound systems at the ceremony site, the poolside area where we held our cocktail hour and in the reception area. He also set up an amazing light show on the dance floor. Everything looked and sounded awesome!

Finally Dennis is a great personality. He is one of the friendliest professionals I have had the pleasure to do business with. He never made us feel like we were just another weekend gig. Before the wedding I used to joke that no one remembers the good things about a wedding – only the bad. I will amend that a little and say that people remember a good DJ. Dennis was critical in making good memories that day and for the bride and I he is also a great part of that memory.

– Gregory and Sunny

Ask around. At recent post-event interviews, more than 80% of wedding guests agree that the entertainment is the thing they remember the most. More than half the brides and grooms admit that they were worried about the entertainment up to and sometimes even during the actual event. My clients are not part of this half, because I make sure to clarify all the details ahead of time so my clients can feel comfortable and relaxed and get to ‘just enjoy’ their magical night. Trusting in The Creative Music DJ will do for you what I take pride in doing best… Taking care of you and your guests.

From managing the Wedding Party dances for the bride/groom, father/daughter, and mother/son…

… hyping the crowd and performing memorable bouquet and garter tosses…


… and keeping that dance floor packed …


… you’ll be satisified just like all of my past clients!


Do you want your wedding pictures to have the excitement and lasting memories like the ones you see here?

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