Just a quick note– We understand the importance of maintaining insurance coverage. Many venues won’t even allow a DJ to perform at their location without proof of coverage. And of course, we need to make sure that our customers are assuredly compensated if a situation were to arise. One has never occured so far, but we like to make sure that our clients know that there is ZERO RISK of loss of finances if you contract us!

So we’re please to announce that we’ve just renewed coverage for another year through RV Nuccio and Associates, a prestigious well-known insurance firm that specializes in coverage for professional mobile entertainers. Rest assured, everyone. You’re safe with us!

The Creative Music DJ Insurance

The Creative Music DJ Insurance


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fter a while, the kids got a bit tired out, and it was time for the adults to dance. Being that this crowd was primarily Irish, we worked in some Irish music, including popular artists such as U2 and House of Pain. At one point, we were asked if we had any traditional Irish music. We suggested a compromise-- We'd throw on a traditional Irish jig, if the Irish guests promised to dance an Irish step to it. They agreed, and we had a blast playing traditional Irish and watching the guests enjoying their native dances!
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