Creative Mixes by DJ Dennis J

Let’s start out with the obvious– Real DJs use turntables and vinyl. You see it in movies, clubs, and all things considered, DJ actually stands for Disc Jockey! And here’s a known secret in the industry– Any true DJ who has had residencies in clubs has demo mixes online for others to listen to. It’s just how the industry works. If a DJ doesn’t have a demo mix, they have zero club experience, no matter how much they claim to have been in the clubs “a long time ago”. And if they don’t have many full-length mixes online for others to enjoy, they truly do not appreciate the art of mixing. Pretty obvious once you think about it, right?

real san diego dj

Truthfully, not all DJs who use turntables and vinyl are skilled nor talented. Vinyl allows you to control music better, but also reveals skill (or lack of) better.

In my opinion, there’s no excuse for a DJ to not know how to keep the flow going smoothly by beat-matching. But I take it one step further– There’s actual style to my mixes. Listen for yourself and see. I’ve been doing this for a while, and I know what goes well together to keep everyone in that dancing mood!

(And… For those in the ‘running mood’, please check out my Rock My Run page. I’m one of the featured DJs that they trust to create professional monthly mixes for their users to run to!)

DJ Dennis J’s 12 Timeless Mixes (created in 2012)

This is a series of genre-based mixes showcasing mix skills as well as track selection, using genres not typically common with DJ mixes. I released these publicly to my fanbase one day at a time for 12 days in row in December of 2012 (Originally titled, “The 12 Mixes Before Xmas”). Once you’ve selected a mix, right click on the download link and download the entire file to your hard drive for your workouts and leisure listening pleasure!

DJ Dennis J’s 12th Timeless Mix – 80s Pop
DJ Dennis J’s 11th Timeless Mix – Early 2000s Hip-Pop
DJ Dennis J’s 10th Timeless Mix – Early 90s Hip-Pop
DJ Dennis J’s 9th Timeless Mix – Uptempo 80s
DJ Dennis J’s 8th Timeless Mix – New Jack Swing
DJ Dennis J’s 7th Timeless Mix – 70s Classic Rock
DJ Dennis J’s 6th Timeless Mix – Hip-House
DJ Dennis J’s 5th Timeless Mix – 90s Rock Mix
DJ Dennis J’s 4th Timeless Mix – 80s Freestyle
DJ Dennis J’s 3rd Timeless Mix – Country Music Mix
DJ Dennis J’s 2nd Timeless Mix – Disco and Funk
DJ Dennis J’s 1st Timeless Mix – 50s and 60s

additional mixes
DJ Dennis J’s 1st Bonus Mix – Indie and Rock

Although I’m not bilingual, I have taken the time to learn the in-and-outs of Latin events and most genres of music. Here’s a sample mix of Merengues, Salsas, and Cumbias.

Are you into the latest trend of Top40, Remixed Top40, and even a little dubstep? If so, here’s a mix that you will LOVE! I recorded this one live in September of 2012. Download this one here for your ipod/media player.