Professional DJ Equipment

The Creative Music DJ

Rather than confuse most with a list of brands such as Cerwin Vega and Rane, let’s just discuss the most important factors.

  • Reliability – My equipment is relatively new, meaning it is less prone to failure. It is all name-brand, and some of the most reliable prestigious brands in the industry. My speakers also have an amplifier inside each one, so there’s no chance of an amp blowing leaving your event without sound. Even if one amp were to stop working, all the others will still carry on without a problem!
  • Capability – My main system can easily fill a ballroom with sound. Almost all events include a subwoofer as well, which means not only will your sound be crystal clear and as loud as you need, it will also be full-frequency, not missing those lower notes like you may be likely to see in other companies’ setups where the subwoofer is omitted.
  • Appearance – I spend time and money constantly just to keep my equipment in great condition mechanically as well as cosmetically. In addition, I’m well aware of the common perception of DJ equipment– Powerful speakers, nice stands, but wires everywhere and tripod legs looking awful in pictures. I’ve taken the steps to purchase skirting and other accessories that help me remove all wiring from you and your guests view. See for yourself!

Catamaran Wedding dj

  • Type of media – I’m a real DJ, and real DJs use turntables and vinyl! I use the same technology being used in the worlds best clubs– Timecoded vinyl combined with computers. This combination enables me to give you that experience that only a true vinyl-comfortable DJ can provide. Experience the difference that a DJ that knows how to read crowds, mix and blend can make! I started in the clubs and still practice in the lab to keep up on the latest techniques used to keep the flow of the music and the dance floor filled. If requested, I’ll even scratch or do on-the-fly ‘mashups’ in front of your guests!