Levyland Estates Weddings

Client:Chris and Kristine
Venue:Levyland Estates
Venue Address:2401 Mountain View Dr ,Carlsbad, CA 92008
Services Provided:Wedding DJ, Enhanced Dancefloor Lighting, Customized Uplighting Programming
Venue Coordinator:Anne Facon
Photography/Videography:Amy Leigh Photography
Caterer:Chris Sisson (Friend of Groom)

I met Chris earlier this year at a bridal show. He came over to talk to me and we hit it off right away. We talked in detail about the ideas he had for his wedding and I gave him a copy of a mix that I had made and suggested that he listen to it to get more of an idea of my style. Chris’s fiancee, Kristine, was away at college and he was working on all the wedding details so that they could have their wedding shortly after her graduation. What a trooper, right? To top it off, they were having their wedding reception at Levyland Estates, which requires a bit of knowledge to plan correctly. Levyland is an Estate that clients can rent for a period of 6 days (almost a week). There’s some strict noise-ordinances and rules that all vendors should know such as speakers much face toward the train tracks, etc. Being an experienced vendor at Levyland is a good thing, as it takes a lot of stress off of the client when they know their vendors are familiar with the rules and in good-standing with the management.

A few days after the bridal show, I received a quote request from Chris along with the comment, “I enjoyed the CD you gave me and I’m impressed with what you told me. Looking forward to hearing from you. -Chris Ruiz“. We made plans and met at a coffee shop where we went over more of Chris’s ideas and I shared some of my own with him. A few days after our meeting, Chris booked me for his wedding.

Most of the photos in the blog were taken by Amy Leigh. I’m sure you can tell which ones, as she’s a true pro.

Wedding Reception at Levyland Estates

Cocktail Music:Rat Pack / Big Band Swing
Grand Entrance Wedding Party:
Grand Entrance Bride & Groom:
Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling
Bruno Mars – Marry You
Dinner Music:Client’s playlist
First Dance:Jason Mraz – Lucky
Father Daughter Dance:Sam The Sham – Wooly Bully
Louis Armstrong – What a Wonderful World
Mother Son Dance:Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Cake Cutting:Dean Martin – That’s Amore
Anniversary Dance:Alan Jackson – Remember When
Stein Holding Game:Jimmy Buffett – Why Don’t We Get Drunk
Various Scottish Folk Songs
Last Song:Andrea BochelliTime to Say Goodbye

The original ideas for music included modern folk music (Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat, etc) for cocktail and Rat Pack/Big Band Swing music for dinner. This would have worked well, however after reviewing their music selections, I realized that many of their music choices wouldn’t work well on the dance floor, so I suggested an alternative: Change cocktail hour to Rat Pack, and I would put together a playlist for Dinner with many of their non-danceable music choices complemented with songs of my own choice that I know will work well with their choices. Chris understood the dilemma and trusted my suggestion. I must say that it worked really well… Several guests came up during dinner to compliment the music selection, and I’m sure Chris and Kristine heard many of those compliments themselves.

Grand Entrance

As the usual setup at Levyland, tables were positioned all throughout the upper section of the driveways, in front of the garage, and upward towards the house. Chris and Kristine did their Grand Entrance from the driveway entrance. Though the tables were rather close together, we made it work!






Immediately after their Grand Entrance, we began dinner.

Wedding Toasts

Toasts were fun and heartfelt, and you could really tell that the atmosphere was full of a lot of people who loved the guests of honor.



First Dance

After toasts, Chris and Kristine began their first dance. The blue and gold uplights looked great as it showed on their draped garage walls.

Levy-Land-estates-wedding-first dance

Father Daughter Dance

Levy-Land-estates-wedding-father daughter dance

DMX Uplighting

For open dancing time, Chris had arranged with me ahead of time to do something special with his uplighting. I used DMX cabling to connect it all in alternate segments, then using computer controls, made the light wall come alive and react to the sounds of the music. For those that are looking into using my services, please note that the “Creative” is in my name for a reason! I’m always looking for the next thing to do to make a wedding or private event even more unique and exciting for my clients. I charge fair prices for the work, time, and knowledge involved, and the results are… well, take a look for yourself.

Whether or not you’re looking to have this level of unique lighting at your venue, you should trust that I can take your vision and make it a reality. Whether amber lighting to enhance a vintage theme, or sound-activated light walls, The Creative Music DJ will take your idea and possibly make it better than you thought it could be!

Some iPhone photos of the (self-named) light wall that really show its brilliance.

wedding light wall

wedding light wall

wedding light wall

Wedding Dancing




After a bit of dancing we took a break for some more formal activities.

Wedding Cake


Levy-Land-estates-wedding-cake cutting

Anniversary Dance

As a bouquet toss replacement activity, we had an anniversary dance. I invited all married guests to the floor, then as they danced I called off durations of time (1 day, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, etc.) until only the couple who had been married the longest was left on the dance floor.


I then talked to the winning couple and Kristine presented her bouquet to them as a tribute of respect for the longevity of their marriage.


Stein-Holding Contest

Chris was looking for a garter toss replacement idea, so to complement the fact that Kristine’s family was largely Scottish I had suggested the idea of a stein-holding contest to Chris and Kristine during our consultations. It is always such fun, and this time was no exception.

For those unfamiliar with the game, the rules are rather simple. Take a bunch of able-bodied men who want to prove their manliness, and give them each a stein full of liquid. In theory, this should be beer of some sort, but water makes for much less of a mess. While playing fun songs, the men have to hold the stein out directly in front of them with their arms parallel to the floor. It sounds easy, but I’ve never seen men make it past three songs. 🙂 Chris himself played the game as well, probably because it was fun!

Stein-holding photos.

Levy-Land-estates-wedding-stein holding contest 4

Levy-Land-estates-wedding-stein holding contest 7

Levy-Land-estates-wedding-stein holding contest 8

Don’t think about the pain… Don’t think about the pain…

Levy-Land-estates-wedding-stein holding contest b

OK, this is seriously starting to hurt!

Levy-Land-estates-wedding-stein holding contest c

Wedding Dancing Part II




Grand Exit

Chris and Kristine wanted a grand exit, so I gave the guests directives to create an exit tunnel, and we sent them off into their new life as husband and wife. The starry night lighting effect I included in their package made this event so cool looking!

Levy-Land-estates-wedding-grand exit


After guests left, Chris and Kristine returned to Levyland, and I took the opportunity to get my signature happy client post-reception iPhone-taken photo with them.

levyland dj

Congratulations to Chris and Kristine and their families, and thanks for choosing The Creative Music DJ for your special day!

Additional Photos

Here’s an additional photo taken of yours truly by Amy Leigh that I really liked. No, those were not my tips in that tree… That was a ‘wish tree’ that we moved from the backyard to the dance floor area when it got dark.



I haven’t received a review from this couple yet, but will gladly paste it here when I do.

Levyland Estates contacted me a few days after this wedding. They had heard great things about my performance and asked if they could add me to their preferred vendors list that they give to their clients. Of course I said yes, since I really enjoy working at Levyland! They sent me a copy of the revised preferred vendors list, which looks something like this now:

Levy-Land-estates-wedding-preferred vendor

As a result I’m looking forward to many more events there!


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