Estancia Wedding – Jason and Julia

Client:Jason and Julia
Venue:Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa
Venue Address:9700 N. Torrey Pines Road, La Jolla, CA 92037
Services Provided:Wedding DJ, Music Edit Consultation
Wedding Planner:I Do…Weddings! (Melissa Barrad)
Cake:Twiggs Bakery
Florist:I Do…Weddings! (Melissa Barrad)
Photography:McCluskey Photography (Carrie McCluskey)
Linens:Classic Party Rentals

When I first met Jason and Julia, there was this connection between us during conversation which was obvious. The reason for it? Jason is a DJ, and also the Entertainment Director of his place of employment. When I tell people this, they always comment, “wow, must be nerve-wracking DJing for a DJ, huh?” Well, I actually consider it quite an honor when someone who is a club DJ trusts me to take care of their wedding properly, which takes event management on the microphone, and ability to get everyone on the dance floor as well as take it ‘club-style’ when the time is right. Club-style doesn’t mean just mixing, by the way. It means understanding phrasing, programming, and the actual music being played in clubs now. Being able to blend that with tradition wedding-esque themes and track selection is my specialty, and something that I am proud of taking the time to develop and evolve.

So, we vibed. Julia was wonderful too. According to her, her musical tastes have evolved since meeting Jason, and these tastes would need to be incorporated into the night as well. Ironically, they both mentioned the fact that Julia had a dislike for house music before she met Jason, and now it’s her favorite genre!

Oh yes, and as for DJing for a DJ… this was much more than that. Bear in mind that good DJs have lots of good DJ friends! Let’s just say that the guest list was full of guests with a discerning ear for good mixing, transitions, and music selection!

Note: All photos on this blog post were provided by McCluskey Photography (Carrie McCluskey). She gave me some quality images, so don’t forget to click on any you like to see it at full resolution!

Wedding Reception

Grand Entrance (Wedding Party):
Grand Entrance (Bride and Groom):
Memories – Kid Cudi feat David Guetta
Hello – Martin Solveig
Dinner Music:Deep House
First Dance:At Last – Beyonce
Father Daughter Dance:In My Life – The Beatles
Mother Son Dance:Baby Love – The Supremes
Cake Cutting:Sweetest Thing – U2
Bouquet Toss:Where Dem Girls At – David Guetta feat Flo Rida and Nicki Minaj
Last Dance:If I Ain’t Got You – Alicia Keys

Cocktail hour was held on the patio outside the reception ballroom, and was supplied by guitarists. Since I didn’t participate in this, my part in their evening started after cocktail hour.

Wedding Reception

Once cocktail hour was over, we opened the ballroom doors and invited guests into the Grande Ballroom. I set up my equipment on the far side of the dance floor, clean and professional as always. I was working alongside a lighting technician, so we made sure to accommodate each other space-wise, and then I spent some time collaborating with him so that we were in sync with the events and his part in them.

Grand Entrance

Once guests were seated, we began the Grand Entrance.

Estancia La Jolla Wedding grand entrance1

Estancia La Jolla Wedding grand entrance2

Estancia La Jolla Wedding grand entrance3

Estancia La Jolla Wedding grand entrance bride groom

Estancia La Jolla Wedding grand entrance bride groom

Wedding Toasts

Immediately after the Grand Entrance, we went into dinner. Once dinner was finished, we began toasts.

Estancia La Jolla Wedding toast best man

Estancia La Jolla Wedding toast maid of honor

Jason and Julia then gave a short thank you speech to their guests.

Estancia La Jolla Wedding toast bride groom

First Dance

When toasts were completed, I invited Jason and Julia to the dance floor for their first dance.

Estancia La Jolla Wedding first dance

Estancia La Jolla Wedding first dances

Father Daughter Dance

Estancia La Jolla Wedding father daughter

Mother Son Dance

Estancia La Jolla Wedding mother son

Wedding Dancing

For the first set of open dancing, I played a lot of classic favorites and some redrums where I felt they would work best.

Estancia La Jolla DJs DJ Wedding 761

Estancia La Jolla DJs DJ Wedding 762

Estancia La Jolla DJs DJ Wedding 764

Estancia La Jolla DJs DJ Wedding 780

Estancia La Jolla DJs DJ Wedding 784

Estancia La Jolla DJs DJ Wedding 787

After a bit of dancing we took a break for some more formal activities.

Wedding Cake

Estancia La Jolla Wedding cake

Estancia La Jolla Wedding cake cutting

Bouquet Toss

Estancia La Jolla Wedding bouquet toss

Estancia La Jolla Wedding bouquet

Estancia La Jolla Wedding bouquet catch

Wedding Dancing Part II

For the second set of dancing, we ramped up to the infamous ‘club-style’. I was enjoying this set a lot so I took the initiative to hit record on Serato ScratchLive and recorded my ending set. I’m still working on getting this working on my blog, but if you’d like to hear the set, it is posted at

Estancia La Jolla DJs DJ Wedding 772

Estancia La Jolla DJs DJ Wedding 788

Estancia La Jolla DJs DJ Wedding 794

Estancia La Jolla DJs DJ Wedding 805

Estancia La Jolla DJs DJ Wedding 846

Estancia La Jolla DJs DJ Wedding 856

And this photo just goes to show that you didn’t have to be on the dance floor to enjoy the mix!

Estancia La Jolla DJs DJ Wedding 848


The party wasn’t over when the reception was finished, so I instructed the remaining guests to head over to Mustang and Burros (the bar on premises) for the after-party. I did manage to catch Jason and Julia for a post-reception photo, but I’ve lost the photo and so I can’t post it here. I’m so bummed! I assure you they were pleased with my services!

Congratulations to Jason and Julia and their families, and thanks for choosing The Creative Music DJ for your special day!

Additional Photos

A couple great photos by Carrie McCluskey of yours truly in action.

Estancia La Jolla Wedding preferred dj

Estancia La Jolla Wedding DJ


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